Edward Lamson Henry: другие времена, другие нравы...


Coming Home.

One Sunday Afternoon

An Informal Call

At the Watering Trough

A Moment of Peril

The Latest Village Scandal

An October Day

Barnyard in Pennsylvania, 1859-60

Early Days of Rapid Transit

The 945 Accommodation

First Railroad Train

Home Again

In East Tennessee

News of the War of 1812

Old Hook Mill, Easthampton

Scene along Delaware and Hudson Canal

St. Mark's in the Bowery in the Early Forties

Stopping To Water His Horses

The Cathedral of Piacenza

The Country Store

The Homecoming

The John Hancock House

The New Woman

The Sunny Hours of Childhood

The Village Street

Unexpected Visitors

Waiting for the Ferry

Westover, Virginia

What Luck

What's That You Say

What's the News

Waiting for the Stagecoach

Mrs. Lydig and Her Daughter Greeting Their Guest

Carriage Ride

A Philadelphia Doorway

A Chat after Meeting

The Little Flower Girl

A Country Lawyer

A Country School

Drafting the Letter


The Lafayette Reception

The Sitting Room

Can They Go Too

The Old Clock on the Stairs

Interior at Petworth

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