"After the opening of the tumor he has become even stronger": unknown Dmitry Hvorostovsky

The last two years of his life - a hymn of human fortitude.

His uniqueness as a singer will now be told by records - this incredible simplicity and sincerity beats from any opera aria, from a military or folk song - he blossomed himself any genre. But much more important is another. Dmitry went down in history not only with his voice and charisma, he became a pioneer  regarding the removal of public taboos. He did not hide the terrible disease, did not obey her. He openly confessed this to the whole world. And there was in this confession not despair and not from the beginning of the end. On the contrary: the beginning of the most human that it is. See everything - I'm human! Death challenges me, albeit. Cancer - let. But I am lucky to start a new countdown, and let no one regret me.

He did not speak  already, he lay, but ... sang to the last! On his vocal merits there will be many pathos words, but Hvorostovsky will be remembered for his incredible organicness: he did not play, he lived that way. And he defeated cancer. He won as stigma, as a taboo, as a taboo and uncomfortable subject, from which eyes are diverted. Do not take it away! It's not that cancer is a problem. Yesterday, the plague, today cancer, tomorrow ... And the fact is, how to recover in this cancer. Find yourself. And now all his friends, friends, without any false sorrow, are thinking about this lesson of Dmitry to us all. After all, all this is waiting....

Sitting next to him (fortunately, he used to take a few interviews before),
 I wanted to be as simple as possible, and in this simplicity find harmony. "Oh, how difficult it is to speak in front of a Russian audience," Dmitry complained in our conversation with him, "in the West music is still perceived as having fun, but in Russia ... what's the use of pleasure. Hier want to give it?" So he gave it to her. A Krasnoyarsk guy, handsome, who managed to turn around the world around him.

The world take-off was rather quick, after the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical Institute, the Institute of Arts, the five-year stay in the soloists of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater, Dmitri - no longer a boy - wins at a competition in Cardiff - all this is noticed by the powerful, and from that moment Khvorostovsky is already in great demand , then the break happened quickly - it was not his choice, but now he chooses, marching along the best scenes of the world - Covent Garden, La Scala, the Metropolitan.
Yes, as a result of his employment, since 1994 Khvorostovsky has moved to London. But still there was flesh from the flesh, blood from blood from his land, was firmly on his feet, not buried in double-triple senses, and immediately in any issues he saw the essence: "Both Russia and Moscow are changing by leaps and bounds," he said in a statement. one of the visits - yes, I'm glad that people began to live somehow richer than in Soviet times. But it is very unfortunate that the differentiation between the layers of the population increases ... This is a pain. "

- When such clumps leave in the prime of life, you always do not understand - whence this terrible injustice? - Denis Matsuev speaks. - I would call him a Siberian knight: this kindness, generosity, wide heart! .. Unforgettable smile. Soulful. And as a person ... at some point a miracle appeared on the stage, which burst lightning fast. And now, if you do not watch the video, do not know who sings it, it's clear from one voice only that it's Khvorostovsky. His timbre is unique. His charisma motivated everyone around. The talent is incredible, under the influence of which I was constantly. And it does not matter in what repertoire - opera, or in romances, or in a military song. Here was this false information recently - and it is said that "if one is buried before, then a person will live long"; alas, this omen did not work.

- Do not you think that he opened a new phenomenon with his behavior - did not hide the disease, but fought for every concert?

- This is an absolute feat. I'm sure the scene added a few years to his life. The scene is a great therapy, it takes you out of this state, heals, gives hope. And every subsequent exit was an event. An example for all. Because we have to fight to the end.


.. Dmitry was very similar to his father. The same noble, open, gray-haired and gentle - I will never forget how the three of us sat together in one of the artist's arrivals to Moscow, and in every step and word there was a wholeness and inner order: "To drink? No, I do not have the right to "break away". I have a concert coming. It's still possible to eat at night, but to drink ... No, I do not drink. Categorically.  
It's another matter, he began to go to bed late. While I was in Paris, I went to bed at three. And in Moscow - at five in the morning ... no, you need to get back to normal. How many friends? You know, at the age of thirty I was surrounded by a lot of people who seemed to me friends. The door of our house was open to everyone, there was always someone there. And stayed overnight ... So, Dad? (He addressed his father.) It was considered normal and decent. And then all these people were lost; they changed, and I changed. Relationship with the Papa? We have long been no longer "father and son", but friends, brothers, even. Day does not pass, so I did not call my father on the phone, wherever he was. 

"After that, my father very touchingly told how little Dima in his childhood was fond of horses, but not as a rider - molded them from plasticine. Hence the dilemma has arisen - is it not to give the son, instead of the musical, to an art school? However, the director of the school saved a great baritone for us. 
"What's interesting: his horse figures never remained static, but as if they were on the move," Dmitry Papa, Alexander Stepanovich, said, "I was so surprised at this ... In general, I come to the director, I show." And to me in return: "Tell me, does he still have something to do with you?" - "Yes," I say, "he plays the piano." - "So let him play himself!".I remember how that meeting ended with Dmitry's words: "I still need to work for 20 years, to live my gypsy life to support my family and secure a quiet old age, it's too early to calm down." No twenty years, of course, did not pass.


Картинки по запросу Дмитрий Хворостовский- I do not know, do not bring the Lord, how would I acted in this situation - if I had a cancer, - the famous conductor Alexander Sladkovsky asks (to him, to his State Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan, Dmitry often came to Kazan) - could I stand this onslaught? And with such popularity and love of the people as in Hvorostovsky, it's even more difficult to order than when you're just a good person. The fact that Dima - strong, it was clear even in his first life. But what he demonstrated in the second life, already in a state of illness, is a very important lesson for us all. 

"Did he come to see you after the tumor was discovered?"
 - No, that's the whole point - before. Was not just healthy, but very healthy. He breathed joy, radiated it. Hedonist, very fond of life. He liked to laugh, but did not react to every joke. He could say, after listening to the "best anecdote of the season": "What nonsense at all?". His face changed, his mood spoiled. A very selective mind. He joked beautifully. Great artist. And never a pose: if something is not happy, openly talked about it. At once. Either in a rigid form, or in ... very tough.
 - Really? 
- He was very tough professionally. I can say this for sure. But this is also true. I watched his reaction in several situations. And I understand his energy - we were born almost one day, both - scales on a horoscope. If something is not right at the rehearsal, it will look at you (although it did not concern me) that you can not say anything further. At the same time - a charming man, a partner, a musician, and the girls all, of course, fell, dreamed that he would pay attention to them. Do not get caught in the network of his charm was simply impossible. And I was engaged in sports - I sailed, went to the rocking chair: on the rider, when he came, there was always a condition that the hotel should have a swimming pool and a rocking chair ... followed the health. I wanted to be strong. And after the opening of the tumor became even stronger than he seemed before....
 Of course, before, in the early 2000s, academics dismantled Dmitry "on the bones", did not forgive him and Anna Netrebko world-wide fame, But the more valuable is the heritage of Khvorostovsky - he sought for himself, sought in different genres - with Igor Krutym, and in Narodnichestvo, without losing the bar ...
 "I remember his programs with folk orchestras," says accordion player Aidar Gaynullin. "So he raised the level of the populist genre, the level of the sound of folk instruments - bayan, domra, balalaika ... with one of his presence, his prestige, this joint polyphony ... Dmitry went to people, and went in different ways, not only through a strict academic genre. This is worth a lot: because the folk song in his performance was closer to people than the opera, but at the same time - at a very high artistic level.

Картинки по запросу Дмитрий Хворостовский ... Poetess Lilia Vinogradova, the author of texts for the joint project of Steep and Hvorostovsky "Dejavu", was with Dmitry in the London clinic to the last. In fact, he was dying before her eyes.

 - I lost a very close person, - says Lilia, - we have known since 2006. From the first handshake in Riga, I immediately realized that he was very dear to me. And this connection never ceased. Does not stop now, when he was no more. I'll carry it to the end. A phenomenal talent is an artist and wrestler. King and God, everything was under his control. There are no heights that he could not take, and take brilliantly. Not that there is "strained, through force", but as it were easy. Although it is known to one god how difficult it was for him, this is a hellish labor. But all this is for the benefit of art: nothing is more important than art in his life has never been. Nothing. With all the love for the family, for the family, the music was still at the head of the corner for him. Creation. There is no more in Russia such an artist as Dima. Let them spit on me, they say that there are other beautiful ones, no, he is the only one. Not only for Russia. For the planet. It would be nice if everyone would somehow take it and be pissed at them.- There is a feeling that he is like a giant in fairy tales - rose, awakened in the forest? He's all made of soil ..

- Absolutely. Dima is a phenomenon of nature. The most powerful. Like the sun, the rainbow, the clouds, the thunderstorm. Very natural. What distinguishes him from many, many, many ... This is anti-pathos, anti-inflation-cheeks, anti-bravery, anti-narcissism.  

-What is, is."In fact, he defeated cancer." As if to say - do not pity me!

 - Agree. This must be said! He never wanted to pity himself. No, pity as sympathy is a wonderful concept. But he always categorically rejected the pissing of the slobber. And every day he went on stage, sang, worked, even when it was technically impossible to do it. And he did. He, of course, defeated the disease. I was with him until the last second. Excruciatingly left. But even being in an irreversible, grave, painful state, Dima still emerged victorious from this fight."Are you still in London?"

 - Of course. I will take his parents and fly to Moscow with them. The most terrible thing is parents, what can I say here. Nothing more terrible in my life I did not see when they arrived yesterday ... with Dad they are insanely similar. And Dad sings, by the way, perfectly. And such a blow. 

- Dima left in consciousness?

 - Of course, he was under sedatives to relieve suffering. But he heard everything. He did not say, but he periodically opened his eyes: he nodded - it meant YES, shook his head - NO. I saw and understood everything. We with him, if I may say so, talked incessantly. Flo (Florence, wife) called me on Saturday, said - arrive ... on Sunday flew. He was already in the clinic. There he died at 3.35 in London time. London was very fond of. It was his house in a broad sense. But he lived there for many years - there is a family and children. He also loved New York, he loved the Metropolitan Opera. And, of course, there will also be a share of memory there ...
 "Where will they bury him?"

 - In Moscow. We are now engaged in organizing farewells, choosing a place. They'll bring him soon, I'll give the exact date a little later ..."Was it his will?" Not in London? 

- Of course. Two native cities are Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. Dima is a Russian, he is a Russian citizen. Bequeathed to spend farewell and bury yourself only in Moscow. We will do so. Dima ... forever remember this - he did not speak, could not speak, but still tried to sing. This is his whole life. I think that for himself, he realized that his earthly path will be finished exactly when he can not sing. And it happened.

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