Love story: Dmitry Hvorostovsky and Florance Illi

The future opera singer was born in Krasnoyarsk. His father was a chemical engineer, and my mother worked as a gynecologist at a local hospital. However, the pope's main interest was music. It was she who gave all her free time. He wonderfully played the piano, had a deep magic baritone and collected records with rare records for that time. In the Hvorostovsky Library there were Ettore Bastianini, Tito Gobbi, Fedor Chaliapin, Maria Callas. Among his father's favorites, Dima quickly found himself idols.
Noticing that the child is happy to support Papa's passion, parents, along with the usual secondary school, gave it to the music. I must say that the latter was much easier for him. Teachers saw the future pianist in the boy, and he surprised them when he graduated from high school and received a disgusting description, filed the documents not in the music school, but in the pedagogical school.Dmitry graduated from the choral faculty with a red diploma, becoming a music teacher. And only after that he decided to get music education, especially since the Krasnoyarsk School of Arts during this time acquired the status of an institute. The teachers of the new school for Khvorostovsky characterize him as a temperamental and restless young man, who was difficult to retrain from a choirmaster to a soloist. "I, it turns out, I can not do anything ?!" - the future singer was boiling. Only to the third year Dmitry began to make those tremendous successes, which from the very beginning were expected from such a gifted musician.

In parallel with training at the institute, he began to make a living at the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater. There the young artist was given only minor parties at first, but after considering the talent, they quickly brought him to the soloists. For a year of work, he became the main voice of the theater. Everyone realized that the outstanding performer in the province was bored, so no one was surprised when Khvorostovsky took the awards one by one for the first All-Russian and then the All-Union competition, and after the institute he came to the international level, subduing France and Wales.But the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater was not only a launching pad for the professional activities of the future star. He also gave Khvorostovsky the true first love.Nobody approved this connection. His teacher, talented Ekaterina Konstantinovna Iofel, more than once told about the ballerina of the corps de ballet to Svetlana Ivanova, using the most unflattering epithets. Beautiful, able to truly conquer talent, the girl in two counts surrounded the inexperienced yet Khvorostovsky, who was engaged in art and did not engage in personal life.He was warned: Svetlana's first marriage was not asked because of her passions, which the woman does not know how to keep inside. Both men and women got into bed with Dmitri's lover, despite the fact that she still lived in the same apartment with her ex-husband and little daughter. But Hvorostovsky was unstoppable: his heart was aflame, he saw a real muse in a light dark ballerina with a defenseless gaze.

Learning that Dmitry Alexandrovich has serious plans for this lady, his teacher, Ekaterina Iofel, even made an attempt to deny him from home. The man at first took offense and left, proudly raising his chin, but soon returned, fell to the feet of the preceptor and asked to be allowed to marry Svetlana at least after school. But who is Ekaterina Konstantinovna to prevent? "We'll live till Monday," answered the wise woman, believing that, having matured, Dima will cool down. But how wrong she was!After two years of passionate relations with a lewd ballerina, Khvorostovsky took her to his tiny little room in a communal apartment, and also took her daughter from the first marriage to Masha.A year later, the couple played a wedding.  

Once, wanting to please his beloved, Dmitry returned from the tour a few days earlier. I bought a huge bouquet, I decided - Sveta will be pleased with his appearance. But instead he found his wife in bed with her own friend. The haze found on the furious opera singer.A fight broke out.In their circle all whispered: here it is, the end. But it was not there. Young people found the strength to forgive each other, and in the early 90's Dmitry received an invitation to work in the UK, took his family and went to London.


His plans were to make his wife his director, but she resolutely refused to learn the language and help her husband. It did not support his desire to develop and wanted only to enjoy secular life in the strict and solemn capital of Great Britain. 
Dmitry first took these rules of the game: let the wife keep the hearth and go out into the light, what's wrong with that? In 1996 the Hvorostovsky family replenished: Svetlana gave birth to twins - the boy Danyu and the girl Alexander. The singer was happy and thought that he had not listened to gossip in vain and did it his way.
However, very soon it became clear that after the appearance of children Svetlana did not become calmer. In the family there were constant scandals that exhausted the artist. On nerves he had an ulcer. To suppress physical pain and mental suffering, Dmitry became addicted to alcohol. He without secretion declares that in that marriage he really abused, so much so that at any moment he could lose his job.


 But while his concert activity did not stop. At one of the speeches, Hvorostovsky flew to Geneva. There he was to perform the party of Don Juan with the charming 29-year-old Florance Illy. She found that the famous Russian baritone was also a real handsome man and went on the attack. They were to have a real kiss on the stage. With it, she began. The sensuality of the singer of Italian-Swiss origin did not hide from Dmitry. "I'm married!" - he immediately stated. "So what?" Flo said quite sincerely.This woman, it seems, has returned to Dmitry Aleksandrovich himself-this. He again understood what is tenderness and romance, what is love and care, what is quiet happiness and enjoyment of each other - without quarrels and scandals.Back in London, the singer raised the issue of divorce. Svetlana could not believe: her Dimochka, who forgave everything, for so long endured it, gave it to two beautiful kids, suddenly he himself started talking about divorce ?! She was offended and disappointed and did not expect that this could happen. But to be a wife of a genius is difficult - he has to correspond on the one hand and with him to develop on the other. Sveta, it seems, has not coped with this task.In a fit of rage, the woman seized everything he owned at the time: real estate, cars, as well as huge alimony for children and own maintenance (more than 8 million a year if counted in rubles). But Khvorostovsky was no longer with her, and Florence was able to survive all this.

With the advent of Floss, as Dmitry calls it, his life began to improve. He was able to give up alcohol and become an even more famous and invited opera singer. The new wife followed him everywhere, helping, inspiring, caring. In 2003, the couple had a son - Maxim, four years later - daughter of Nina.Florance quickly became involved in the life of the Russian singer and became his irreplaceable companion. In the first year of her life together with Hvorostovsky, Flosa learned the spoken Russian language, now she goes with him around the world, and sometimes they perform together.
 She did not know English - she learned it. Perfectly mastered the Russian. She was destined to be ready for such a meeting. She loved Russian literature, but she hardly thought about what she would read in the original of F. Dostoevsky, A. Chekhov, A. Rybakova and play a small role in the feature film "Heavy Sand." And he will sculpt Siberian dumplings. And give birth to his children - his son and daughter. And do not be jealous, even if the son, referring to her, says: "Dad." Florence immediately conquered her relatives. Grandmother Hvorostovsky compared it with an angel. Friends of the singer - P. Domingo and Pavarotti; P. Astakhov and V. Fetisov - unconditionally accepted it in their circle. When she is asked about her husband about him, she is proud of Dmitry. So he takes it as it really is. Florence allows him to be himself. She rejoices that the sons of Dmitry Alexandrovich from the first marriage are friends with their usual children.
When the life of Hvorostovsky was adjusted, Svetlana again appeared on the arena and, through the court, she demanded to increase the amount of alimony twice. Until the end of her days she lived at the expense of these alimony. 
In 2015, after learning that her husband was diagnosed with cancer, Svetlana phoned him for the first time in 15 years. But this conversation turned out to be the last one: a few months after the complications after meningitis, Svetlana Hvorostovskaya passed away.It turned out that the first wife of a genius was a believer, helped a lot in the Orthodox church in London and her departure was sensitive to the parishioners of this church.  
Dmitry did not abandon the children from Svetlana, and was engaged in the education of her eldest daughter Masha, as well as their common children - Sasha, who became an artist and Dani, who is engaged in music.In 2015, the media published an official statement that Khvorostovsky is seriously ill: the singer was diagnosed with brain cancer. The illness made me stop work. After the course of chemotherapy, the singer began to feel better.However, time passed, and the great baritone and favorite of the audience again got to the hospital.  
Unfortunately, the disease won - November 22, Dmitry Khvorostovsky was gone.

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